4 step everyday routine for getting exceptional young and brilliant skin

Hera are 4 step for getting exceptional young and brilliant skin

These 4 steps are helping us defend our skin from damage caused by everyday fatigue, pollution and dust.


Firstly, Remove Makeup gently but balanced way

The Purifying Cleansing Oil can be applied directly to dry skin.

You can do it with pumping the oil onto one palm and use it to remove your makeup.

You may skip this step if you are not wearing much makeup.

In this case just use the Miracle Powder Wash for pure and gentle cleansing.


Secondly, Peel gently and nourishing the skin base 

To remove dead skin cell and strengthen the skin base for healthy skin,

you need to use this type of natural peeling and nourishing product.

The Skin Renewal Solution can be used after cleansing,

massage the skin with this solution for taking off dead cell and dirties remaining your pore

and then wash off it lightly.


Purge Pollution with Natural mask sheet. 

Apply a layer of the Bio cellulose natural Mask, leave for 20 minutes.

Use every 2-3 days, then reduces to 1-2 times a week to purify and nourish skin.


Nourishing Skin 

Apply the Complex Serum or Skincare Oil to entire face, then gently massage into skin.

All the products work well during your sleeping time.