Almost NO-MAKEUP however enhance your appearance with Facial oil

When you’re getting ready to go out after work or it is afternoon and you’re looking tired and lackluster.

Anytime during the day before you want to add

air cushion, concealer, foundation, liner, etc,

it is very useful to apply a tiny bit of face oil between your fingers and

pat it on over your cheeks, under eyes, over lips, and at the temples and forehead.

Use as little as possible; you can always add more whenever you feel like.


You can also use a little amount under the eyes to

smooth away any smudged mascara or liner—

though don’t put the oil on your actual eye makeup to avoid making eye makeup run.

Let the oil settle in for a minute.

Apply a little lip color, or just a touch of concealer will be OK to have a great evening.


Either way, you’ll need less than you normally make up—and your skin will look especially glowy and fantastic.

Carrying the small bottle of the oil in your evening bag for mid-event touchups

That and lip color is generally all you need!

All you need to pay attention is choose the natural and pure item.