Anti-Aging Tips for Your hands with Heartmade

You always apply the anti-aging products for your face – but what about your hands?

They age, too so we need to care our hands as to do for our face.

Here are a few tips you can protect your hands with Heartmade cosmetics.


Try to apply natural and pure moisturizer like “Elixir of Rose Intensive Cream” to your hands after every exposure to water. 


Be sure to use products similar to the ones you use on your face on your hands:

Apply the sun protect cream without harsh chemicals such as “Angel for Skin Day Mate Emulsion” in the morning and a gentle natural skincare oil “Bless of Gaia Nourishing Skincare Oil” at night.

Be sure to reapply sun screen emulsion as much as you can.


Hands lose elasticity as we age.

Losing fat is not a good cause the fat in your hands acts as cushioning around your veins, making them look less prominent.

Try using natural emulsion which contains a lot of essential oils and phyto collagen.


With great natural and pure basic care and a preventive approach, there is no need for hands to age faster than your face.


Investing even a little attention and time in your skin now will really pay off in the future.