How to avoid over-spending in COSMETICS

Develop your own skincare regimen and stick to it. 

Get into a habit and stick with your own skincare regimen.

Most serums, creams, and oils cannot cure problems in a day or two.

The simple and effective makeup routine is choosing the natural and pure products and using them regularly.

Start with your cleanser, repair/anti-aging product, moisturizer, and sunscreen without harsh chemicals in the morning.

Same at night minus the sunscreen will do. If need more moisturizing effect in special, use the skincare oil or facial oil that will hydrate and rock the moisture.

Once you find products that suit your needs and budget, use them for 3 months to give them time to reveal results.

Then, if you want, change 1 product at a time (for 2-3 months) to see if you can improve it even a little more.

By practice this makeup routine, you can get healthy, beautiful skin.

It just may take a little trial-and-error and patience.