How to care your pore

Pore care TIPS

In order to achieve a flawless and healthy skin, it is essential to prevent the opening of pores by maintaining a correct balance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.


A large number of herbs, fruits and vegetables aids in tightening the enlarged pores. 

Although there are a number of cosmetic products available in the market, but you can’t eliminate these pores completely from your skin.

Try some natural ones that can minimize the appearance of open pores.

Good ingredients for pore care

Rose Water

Cucumber Juice


Witch Hazel


Aloe Vera


Do’s and Don’ts for your pore care routine


Cleanse your face 2 times a day with mild and safe ingredients.

If your skin is oily, apply natural astringent after cleansing.



Never go to bed with makeup on your face, as it prevents your skin from breathing, which leads to open pores.

Do not consume greasy food because it stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive oil.