Important Cleansing tips

Cleansing tips

Leave “squeaky clean” for dishes and toilets!

If your skin feels squeaky or tight, you’ve probably stripped the protective natural lipids and oils off your skin.

This layer is there to keep water in and help your skin stay healthy.

In fact harsh products can sometimes leave you with more oil on your skin.


The COMMON MISTAKE when cleansing

1st: See oil on your face
2nd: Wash it off
3rd: Goodbye shine!
4th: Wait…there’s more oil. Maybe I should wash harder?
  (Repeat steps 2-4)

So using gentle and safe natural cleansers is the crucial thing for your make up routine to protect your skin and keep healthy one.

Heartmade “Bless of Gaia” Purifying cleansing oil is the best one for all skin types.

If you want other types of cleaning products, you also try “Angel for Skin” Miracle Powder Wash which is made of edible ingredients.