Simple Makeup routine with Heartmade Cosmetics-Normal skin

A multi-step Korean skin-care plans, complicated acne treatments, lasers, peels, masks etc. makes even the most seasoned beauty girl's head spin.

So let's bring it back to the basics but very effective way.

We recommend the only three products plus one additional item you really need, no matter what your skin type.

Here is an easy way to figure out what skin-care products you should use -- and what you can skip.

If your skin is Normal

1.Pure cleansing:

Pure and simple cleansing is enough to care day routine.

So the natural cleansing oil(Bless of Gaia Purifying Cleansing oil) or natural powder wash(Miracle Powder Wash) will do.

2.Moisturizer with sun protect function:

Everyone needs moisturizer, and sunscreen is a non-negotiable (repeat, very important), so why not combine the two?

Heartmade “Angel for Skin Day Mate Emulsion” is a perfect one for you.

Be sure to apply in an even layer across your entire face to ensure adequate protection.

Try the Heartmade Angel for Skin Day Mate Emulsion is enough if you have normal skin or you are young. 


3.Basic night cream: When you don't have to stress about any kind of complexion imperfections, don't worry about using super potent night creams, just focus on straight-up hydration and opt for a rich moisturizer.

We recommend “Elixir of Rose Intensive cream” or “Bless of Gaia Nourishing Skincare Oil”. 



Use the serum topically and it helps protect your skin from the damaging free radicals caused by everything from sun exposure to pollution, HMC serum is a worthwhile investment.