Heartmade Elixir of Rose Brightening Skin Softener

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100% Natural & Vegan

Handmade type, small batch for premium quality by HeartMade

Sweet Dew to my Skin


Features and benefits 

Ideal potent skin toner having antioxidant power to prevent the skin problems

Perfect for mature, dry, tight, red, inflamed, scarred or prone to eczema or psoriasis skin.

For use as a hydrating mist or after sun refresher throughout the day

A holistic blend of floral essences, botanicals & vitamins

Maintaining skin balance

Keep moisture for even skin tone

Adjusting pH


For all skin types

How to Use

Spray a layer of mist onto a cotton ball or palm, or directly onto freshly cleansed face & neck, with eyes closed.

Using Essence Emulsion & Essence Cream together in this way ensures maximum absorption of nutrients & moisture.


Product Size: 30ml(1 fl oz)/ 60ml(2 fl oz)/ 120ml(4.3 fl oz)