Heartmade Raw Flax Seed Oil Natural Skin Softener

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100% Natural & Vegan

Handmade type, small batch for premium quality by HeartMade

Sweet Rain to my Skin


Features and Benefits

A perfect natural facial tonic that soothes and hydrates the skin


Raw Flaxseed Oil provides healing, moisturizing and uplifting power


Balancing and restoring the skin's moisture and helps tighten pores.


Flaxseed oil can act as an excellent remedy for skin disorders like

  • acne, blemishes, dermatitis, psoriasis, flaky skin,


It acts as a protector against UV rays, dust, and pollutant.


Made with a proven all-natural, broad-spectrum preservative system.


Including 5 Wonderful Oriental Herbal extracts for the perfect skin.


How to Use

After cleansing face, apply a moderate amount of skin softener to the palm and gently apply all over the face, or apply directly onto face.

Allow to dry, and follow with a skin essence emulsion.