Why HeartMade?

100% Natural & Vegan

Handmade type, small batch for premium quality by HeartMade

Our skin is the largest organ.

So we only use pure and safe ingredient with our full heart to handcraft the cosmetics!


It is our philosophy to eliminate the use of chemicals that result in the temporary relief of symptoms.

Rather we aim to promote a healthier body so that healing can occur fundamentally. 

Likewise, HeatMade has inherited this philosophy, using only the minimum of necessary, healthiest components to nourish the skin and enable it to heal itself.


Product Characteristics

Selection of only the safest of ingredients

The majority of cosmetics contain a variety of chemical substances that are unrelated to the true function of an item (artificial fragrances, pigments).

HeartMade has eliminated all these components to utilize only the natural, most effective ingredients that are EWG green grade.

While most cosmetics comprise of 30 – 60 ingredients, HeartMade holds a mere average of 10.

The best ingredients/ratio found by natural and herbal skin care specialists

HeartMade’s skincare specialists take part in the development of products to ensure that the optimal ingredient ratio is found and that the most used/prescribed natural components are incorporated

Prevent from killing ourselves slowly with the chemical obsessed market!

We only use flowers, herbs, natural oils the way Nature intended



Believe in Wonder of Nature!