Heartmade Angel for Skin Miracle Powder Wash

Heartmade Angel for Skin Miracle Powder Wash

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100% Natural & Vegan

Produced handmade type small batches by Heartmade

Deep cleansing as well as gentle exfoliates

Features and benefits

It is a Natural powder wash for women as well as baby and keeps ideal Ph balance – Ph5.5


Pure natural ingredients for your precious skin to be used for any skin type for deep cleansing without any irritation.


It is fermented and made of 99% edible ingredients and removes dead skin cells and wastes effectively and keep the skin clear


Using patented powder composite for excellent skin improvement effects


How to Use

Apply the water to the hands and face and pour this 5-7 times (just coin size) on your palm

Mix the powder with a few drops of water to make bubbles

Massage your face for about 1 minute.

Rinse well with warm water


Weight or volume: 70g