Heartmade Elixir of Rose Time Rewind Complex Serum

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100% Natural & Vegan

Handmade type, small batch for premium quality by HeartMade

Sweet Dew to my Skin

Features and benefits

It formulated to penetrate deep within the skin, ensuring skin rejuvenation, while offering the superb tightening and lifting effect topically.

Rich natural extracts combine to restore hydration, refine texture and visibly plump fine lines.


With natural extracts and adenosine, this complex Serum helps to repair dry & damaged skin cells and improve fine lines also retain moisture to appear youthful and healthy skin.


Enriched ingredients with anti-oxidants hydrate the skin to feel radiant when used daily.


Ideal as an overnight recovery treatment and helps smooth wrinkles/lines all while you work and sleep


How to Use
Apply every day on freshly cleansed skin before your daily/nightly moisturizer

Place 2-3 droplets into hand and gently smooth over entire face and neck until thoroughly absorbed. Use in the AM and/or PM.


Product Size: 30ml (1 fl oz) / 60ml (2 fl oz)